About The Aluminium Roadcase Company

The Aluminium Roadcase Company was established in 1983 by Peter Ashton who has brought his engineering background to the manufacture of  custom made cases for all applications.

All the cases are made using the best quality Australian Plywoods bonded to Stucco Embossed Aluminium sheet or plastic laminates all sourced from Australian producers.

The cases are finished with Exclusive Aluminium Tongue and groove extrusion and Aluminium Angle made on our own dies to provide the best dust and moisture resistance.

Several different types of catches and handles can be used from the small yet sturdy “Beetlelocks” ideal for smaller cases with their own keys through to heavy duty recessed catches manufactured in the UK to the highest standard of strength and serviceability.

The handles again range from the simple “D” type plastic handle made in Australia through a heavier duty padded briefcase handle imported from Germany up to the UK produced recessed handles.

We discovered early on that the standard foam used worldwide had a tendency to breakdown after a short time of exposure to air and sunlight, so all our cases are lined with foam which has been upholstered with either Velvet or “Frontrunner” so that the interior continues to protect the equipment for many years. We are still getting cases in for repair that are 25+ years old and the padded interior looks as good as the day it left the factory.